I didn't choose the donut life, the donut life chose me 

Meet your donutier, or as some people like to call her: the donut queen.


Hi! I’m Pooja! A multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s been donut obsessed since day one.

I've literally been baking since my easy-bake oven days at around the age of 5. But, I started baking artisan plant-based donuts to solve my own problem— finding high quality handcrafted vegan donuts that weren't filled with fake stuff and that didn't taste like cardboard. I'm always scouting little donut treasures whenever I travel, too!

On my spare time, I was inspired by blogs online and friends to curate my very own donut recipes and eventually, f
ound myself baking a ton of artisan plant-based donuts. My donut babies, as I like to call them. I put a whole lotta' love into my donuts and every time I'd make them, they'd be gone in a jiffy! After many requests and after enough people prompting me (literally, forcing me) to make my vegan donuts into a side passion project, I decided to finally make my donut babies, public. So, I started a local pop-up donut shop on the westcoast of Canada in Kelowna BC, that had unprecedented success, almost, overnight.

Before I knew it, I was doing up catering orders for weddings, fancy events & taking on custom orders every single day. I was getting emails, DMs & messages so often, I could hardly keep up! I was approached by grocery stores, boutiques, cafes & stores to sell my donuts and sold them in multiple locations as mini pop-ups and "donut days." They always sold out quicker than I could make them! 

You could say that...I didn't choose the donut life, the donut life chose me ❂

I took a little break from donut baking while travelling across SE Asia and now am back in Canada and ready to make some more donut babies!

If you'd like to learn more about what I'm doing when I'm not donut making, shimmy over here.