where are your donuts made and by whom?

Donutbarxo donuts were made in house locally on the westcoast of Canada, by Pooja! You can follow the founder & donutier of Donutbarxo, here. This was a side passion project that took off, but her main gig is, this. She also has a Podcast Show called The Happiness Approach that you can listen to, here on itunes or here on stitcher or here on spotify. Pooja is no longer taking on custom orders and has closed down the physical portion of her donut pop-up shop. 

are these donuts 100% vegan & plant-based?

Yes! Down to every last bit; even the sugars, chocolate, all of it! Pooja uses all plant-based, organic and only the highest quality ingredients in her donut babies. 

but, how do they taste though?

They taste different than fried donuts, in that they are fluffier, moister and softerthink of cake donuts! They're actually more dense and filling than regular fried yeasty donuts, too. Another mega plus, is that they come without that gross bloat-y feeling that fried donuts give ya' and are totally guilt-free and healthy. Every donut is handcrafted to perfection and baked, never fried.

what donut flavours are there? 

All flavours are on our donuts page, here.

You can see more pics & vids of the flavours on our instagram, here. 

how do I get some?

Pooja's closed up her pop-up shop and physical portion of the biz as her and her partners' lives led them overseas! BUT, she would NEVER leave her donut squad hangin'! You can become your very own donutier and purchase the recipe ebook with ALL your fav @donutbarxo donut flavours and recipes (+ some bonuses), right here!

 are the donuts soy-free?

yes, 100% soy-free :)

are the donuts cholesterol-free?

yes, anything 100% vegan or plant-based, is! bonus, right?! 

are the donuts yeast-free?

yes, 100% yeast-free :)  

do you use artificial colouring or flavours in your donuts? 

nope! not one bit. 100% artificial colouring & flavour free, baby! :) 

are the donuts fried or deep-fried?

not at all, they're baked (never fried).

why "vegan" or plant-based donuts?

Better for you, better for the animals, better for the Earth. We won't go into it here, there's tons of resources online—we'll leave the research to you! Most people who aren't vegan or plant-based can never tell our donut babies are, either! A win for everyone.

care instructions for your donut babies?

Pooja's donut babies last up to 36 hours on the counter fresh from the time of baking, and then you can pop them in the freezer in ziploc bags for up to 3-5 days (I like to do 3 days max in the freezer). You don't need to put them in the fridge when you get them fresh, they're fine on the counter (you can of course, if you want to)! Once you're ready to eat them, take them out and let them thaw 2-3 hours. They thaw beautifully and taste great still! Of course, as with any baked goods, they're the absolute best fresh. The only thing you may notice, though, is that the glazes tend to seep in a bit into the donut after humidity or temperature changes or depending on how they've been stored or displayed so they may not appear at thick and get absorbed into the donut. This tends to happen with vegan glazes in general :). We doubt you'll need to freeze 'em anyway, because they're usually gone within a few minutes! XO






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