The BEST vegan artisan donuts ever

Oh, hi there—you just landed upon the best (vegan) donut recipe ebook, ever.

Want in on 15 delicious handcrafted plant-based donut recipes? Now, these aren't your basic vanilla and chocolate donuts. Nah. These donut recipes are from the donut queen, herself, Pooja. Pooja started up a donut pop-up shop on the westcoast of Canada that had unprecedented success, almost, overnight. She's been baking forever, but, she chose to hone into perfecting donuts. Because...well, what else is one to do who's donut obsessed but that's also vegan? Pooja found it so hard to find a vegan donut that wasn't filled with fake stuff, yeast, soy, fried and so on. She honestly, was trying to solve her own problem: baking and formulating the perfect plant-based donuts for both vegans and nonvegans alike! She likes to say...the donut life chose her, she didn't choose the donut life. 

Her donut babies are baked (never fried), 100% vegan, soy-free, yeast-free, cholesterol-free, guilt-free, artificial colouring + flavouring free and addicting AF. Plant-based donut babies? You heard right! Custom crowd pleasers? Got you covered. Guilt-free? Done. No fake stuff? Check! Insanely delicious? Mhmmm! After baking literally thousands of donuts for weddings, events, markets, stores and pop-up shops, her and her partners' lives led them abroad! Since their lifestyle is so on the move, she decided to close up her physical pop-up shop but didn't want to leave her donut squad hangin'. So, she created an all vegan donut recipe ebook with all the cult favs + some bonuses so that anyone, anywhere could bake them in their home! It's not your basic cookbook with 100's of recipes. It's quality over quantity. It'll reveal the exact 15 unique one of a kind, delectable donut recipes and flavours Pooja handcrafted to run her own donut biz. PLUS, it includes a GF and nut-free bonus section. She also includes 3 of her go-to homemade almond milk recipes and her all time fav almond pulp recipe. It's the ultimate guide to vegan artisan donuts. It's your secret weapon. It can be yours in T-1 minute. Get access to all the @donutbarxo recipes right here, right now. Let's get baking! XOXO